Coyuchi – Nature Comes Home on Earth Day

Make Every Day Earth Day Make Every Day Earth Day wants to help you help your Cause – whatever that cause may be.  On Earth Day this year, we are celebrating one of our merchant partners, Coyuchi, who is dedicated to providing you with quality products, while maintaining a high standard of excellence in environmental and social initiatives.

From an environmental standpoint, Coyuchi looks at the full life of a product—from the farm where the fiber is produced to what happens to the product when it reaches the end of its life. By partnering with fabric mills and workshops that share this reverence for environmental and social sustainability,  Coyuchi’s high quality standards can be maintained and impact on the planet, minimized. Through continued effort and ingenuity, they work to ensure environmental performance at production facilities.

“We believe that knowing where your linens come from and how they are made brings peace of mind.”

Coyuchi uses only natural fibers, sourcing the materials carefully and processing them minimally—so organic cotton truly feels like cotton, linen feels like linen, and wool feels like wool.  To guarantee that products align with these goals to be as ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible, they rely on guidelines and certifications from organizations around the world, including Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification and a growing collection of Fair Trade Certified goods.

To learn more about Coyuchi’s extensive environmental & social initiatives, visit their site here.

With & Coyuchi, shop with confidence and shop with conscience.


Bambeco – Every Purchase Plants a Tree

Every purchase plants a tree.

Changing the world sounds big. None of us can change the world alone, but when we all work together, a lot of small choices can make a huge impact – every step makes a difference.  This is Bambeco’s philosophy and also’s (by changing shopping for good!).

According to Oxford University research, planting and growing trees is the best way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse global warming.

Bambeco is proud to partner with American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country, for a joint commitment to restore and protect forests and minimize climate change.

American Forests Logo

With every Bambeco purchase, American Forests will plant a tree. That means every earth friendly purchase adds another tree to our landscape and another step towards counteracting climate change.

Since they launched the “Every Purchase Plants a Tree” initiative last November, they’ve planted over 20,000 trees—enough trees to supply oxygen for 40,000 people, save and clean 2.4 billion gallons of water and absorb 480 tons of carbon dioxide per year!


We are unwavering in our commitment to create and source products that are crafted in ways that cause less harm to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.  For more information, check out Bambeco’s Sustainable Living Blog.

Together, we’ll grow forests. Together, we’ll change shopping for good.

Together we can do so much.

Walmart Pushes Significant Reduction in Chemicals of High Concern


Walmart has been making significant progress towards sustainable chemicals in consumables since 2013. This past January, Walmart pledged to begin publicly communicating progress on moving towards sustainable chemicals. This policy seeks to remove substances of high concern from personal care, paper, cleaning, pet, and baby products.

Their most recent public communication on progress has pledged to provide a 95% (by weight) reduction on high priority chemicals sold in the US, as reported in a recent article by Chemical Watch.

Walmart has not publicly released the “10 or so” chemicals Kevin Gardener (senior director of Walmart’s global responsibility) states will be addressed in this reduction. It is worth noting that the Environmental Defense Fund (NGO dedicated to environmental issues) has been working with Walmart on meeting their sustainability goals.

Criteria For Chemicals of High Concern (as stated by Walmart officials in a recent Chemical Watch article):

  1. Listing status on one or more authoritative hazard lists as included by Greenwercs (chemical reporting took used by Walmart for supplier ingredient disclosure.)
  2. Relevance ranking by business volume, distribution, and exposure.
  3. Consideration of emerging regulations, stakeholder concern, and safer distribution feasibility.

Supplier Implications

Walmart has asked suppliers to take part in a sustainability index survey. There were some key takeaways from the data they received:

  1. ¾ of suppliers that voluntarily responded provided information on their ingredient disclosure policies.
  2. Of these suppliers that reported, 78% said they are disclosing ingredients online in accordance with a naturally recognized standard.
  3. Walmart set a goal for suppliers to disclose ingredients for all products set forth in their chemical policy (set in 2015) by 2018.

Large companies such as Walmart are now setting the precedent on a demand for higher supplier transparency within products they are selling. It is imperative that a supplier knows the origins and status of chemicals within national laws and the guidelines set forth by the companies they sell to.

Source Intelligence provides a dynamic and customizable program in which you can source and manage the chemical substances used in your products. Global product chemical regulations are continuously evolving. As a supplier, you must have the ability to construct your own product chemical compliance program, tailored to you and your clients’ unique needs. This is where Source Intelligence shines as the most comprehensive and dynamic compliance software on the market. Source Intelligence’s platform is fully customizable. Meaning that if the regulations your company needs help with aren’t already within the platform, you can customize and request the addition of regulations or laws to fit your needs.